1858 Catholic Prayer book written in Neshnabemowen

*Open PDF file to see all document pages; Belonged to Tom Topash (1859-1946)

1858 Catholic prayer book published in Cincinnati, Ohio. Written in pencil on the interior of the front cover reads, "Prayer book belong to Tom Topash the grandfather of James H. Sr. Topash Born 1859-1946 Died" The next page has a more faded pencil note that reads "Anguline Rail The Book November 2, 1959" There is more text, but the bottom half of the page has been torn off. The title of the text on the interior is "Katolik Gagikwe-Masinaigan" Gigikwe likely comes from "gagigado" meaning "s/he speak continuously or prays." The title, therefore, is Catholic Prayer Book/Papers. Inside the book, there is a leaflet from May 1911. There is significant water damage throughout the book and the binding is fragile.

Location Description: 

Pokagon Band Department of Language and Culture Archives room, shelf A2, back