Pokagon Band Family Names


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I was recently talking casually with a Myaamia person about Topash. And there's an idea from him and a linguist that it may derive from Tupashea (sp?) referring to the shimmering light from moisture or frozen dew on leaves (which is interesting in light of previous translations which mentioned "sweating"). I'd have to ask him to break down the particles again (because like I said it was just a casual conversation). 

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From linguist David Costa, "The initial you're thinking of is 'toohp' - 'frost or hoarfrost,' as seen in a couple words like 'toohpowi' - 'there is hoarfrost' and the personal name, 'toohpia,' which Dunn's speaker gave us as 'frost on bushes or leaves.' (note Munsee Delaware tópən' - 'there is frost'). Now I suppose one could construct an AI verb toohpaahšiwa which might literally mean something like 'the frost shines,' and the agentive noun from that would be 'toohpaahšia.'"

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